Maximilian Schell

8 Dec 1930 - 1 Feb 2014

Actor, Director, Writer

Maximilian Schell (born 8 December 1930) is an Austrian-born Swiss actor who won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Judgment at Nuremberg in 1961. He is also a writer, director and producer of several films.


Filmography (48 titles)

(movie, 2014)
···Die Räuber
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Mr. Escher)
(movie, 2008)
···The Brothers Bloom
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Diamond Dog)
(movie, 2007)
···Die Rosenkönigin
Genre: Romance
Role: Actor (as Karl Friedrich Weidemann)
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Kogi)
(movie, 2006)
···The Shell Seekers
Genre: Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Lawrence Sterne)
Genre: Thriller
Role: Actor (as Fernando Hereira · Aaron Silberstein)
(movie, 2003)
···Coast to Coast
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Casimir)
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Role: Actor (as Karl Steingraf)
(movie, 2001)
···Festival in Cannes
Genre: Comedy
Role: Actor (as Viktor Kovner)
(movie, 2001)
···The Song of the Lark
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Wunsch)
(movie, 2000)
···I Love You, Baby
Genre: Thriller
Role: Actor (as Walter Ekland)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Hochberg)
(movie, 1998)
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Western
Role: Actor (as Kardinal Alba)
(movie, 1998)
···Deep Impact
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Jason Lerner)
(movie, 1997)
···Telling Lies in America
Genre: Drama, Music
Role: Actor (as Dr. Istvan Jonas)
(movie, 1996)
···The Vampyre Wars
Genre: Horror
Role: Actor (as Rodan)
(movie, 1993)
···A Far Off Place
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Role: Actor (as Col. Mopani Theron)
(movie, 1993)
Genre: Drama, Adventure, Biography
Role: Actor (as Pharaoh)
(movie, 1993)
···Candles in the Dark
Genre: Drama
Role: Director
(movie, 1993)
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Isaak Kohler)
(movie, 1992)
Genre: Drama, History, War
Role: Actor (as Vladimir Lenin)
(movie, 1992)
···Miss Rose White
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Mordecai Weiss)
(movie, 1991)
Role: Actor (as Himself)
(movie, 1989)
···The Rosegarden
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Aaron)
(mini-series, 1986)
···Peter the Great
Genre: Drama, Biography, History
Role: Actor (as Peter the Great)
(movie, 1984)
···Morgen in Alabama
Genre: Thriller
Role: Actor (as Lawyer Landau)
(movie, 1981)
···The Chosen
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Professor David Malter)
(movie, 1979)
···The Black Hole
Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Family
Role: Actor (as Dr. Hans Reinhardt)
(movie, 1979)
···Avalanche Express
Genre: Action, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Bunin)
(movie, 1977)
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Johann)
(movie, 1977)
···A Bridge Too Far
Genre: Drama, History, War
Role: Actor (as General der Waffen-SS Wilhelm Bittrich)
(movie, 1977)
···Cross of Iron
Genre: Action, Drama, History, War
Role: Actor (as Hauptmann Stransky)
(movie, 1976)
···Der Richter und sein Henker
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Role: Director, Writer
(movie, 1975)
···The Man in the Glass Booth
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Arthur Goldman)
(movie, 1974)
···The Odessa File
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Eduard Roschmann)
(movie, 1973)
···Der Fußgänger
Genre: Drama
Role: Director
(movie, 1970)
···Erste Liebe
Genre: Drama, History, Romance
Role: Actor, Director
(movie, 1969)
···Krakatoa: East of Java
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Role: Actor (as Captain Hanson)
(movie, 1968)
Genre: Drama, Family
Role: Actor (as Richard Sessemann)
(movie, 1967)
Genre: Action, Adventure, War
Role: Actor (as acteur)
(movie, 1965)
···Return from the Ashes
Genre: Thriller
Role: Actor (as Stanislaus Pilgrin)
(movie, 1964)
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Role: Actor (as Walter Harper)
(movie, 1962)
···Five Finger Exercise
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Walter)
(movie, 1962)
···I sequestrati di Altona
Genre: Drama
Role: Actor (as Franz von Gerlach)
(movie, 1962)
···The Reluctant Saint
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Role: Actor (as Giuseppe)
(movie, 1961)
···Judgment at Nuremberg
Genre: Drama, History, Mystery
Role: Actor (as Hans Rolfe)
(movie, 1958)
···The Young Lions
Genre: Action, Drama, War
Role: Actor (as Capt. Hardenberg)
(movie, 1956)
···Ein Mädchen aus Flandern
Genre: Drama, Romance
Role: Actor (as Lt. Alexander 'Alex' Haller)